The Tight Rope

I woke up this morning thinking about life, and how it can have ups and downs and many twists and turns. As we wake up each day, we try so hard to fit so many things into a 24-hour time period and it’s just so hard to do. We try to complete so many tasks and before we know it we look up and find that we haven’t completed all that we wanted to do.

Have you ever looked at a tight rope walker or what some might call a high rope walker? I looked up the definition and found that a tight rope walker means: the art of maintaining balance while walking along a tensioned wire between two points. It can be done by either using a balancing tool (umbrella, fan, balance pole, etc.) or "freehand", using only one's body to maintain balance.

Wow! Did that do to you what it just did to me? That definition just blew me away! I’m going to use that definition again, but this time I will add and take away words that might help the definition to bless you a little deeper. Faith tight rope walker means it is a relationship with God maintaining balance while walking in Faith along a tensioned life experience between two points. It can be done using a balancing tool which is (prayer, faith, balanced mind, and hope, etc.) or “freehand" (worship), using only one's body to maintain balance.

My question to you is… Do you have balance? Do you have balance between church life and your natural life? Do you have balance between your relationship with God and your relationship with your mate? Balance between your ears? LOL I thought that was funny but so true.

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 American Standard Version (ASV) says, “For everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven: a time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted…”

And the scripture goes on to the 8th verse, but I didn't want to make you read a whole 8 verses right now! You are already reading this and thank you. Well, my question to you is what is getting so much of your time that you don’t have balance in your life? When was the last time you went on a trip without your phone just ringing or vibrating from constant texting? When was the last time you stayed in another place besides your home and just rested?

I'm guilty too. I've been running and running and haven't had balance. But today, I decree that it’s time for us all to have balance in our lives. I heard a wise man say, and I quote, “don't lose your family for the altar.” I hope that made a little sense to you. Don’t lose your family because you are just constantly taking care of the church and you’re not taking care of your family. Your first ministry is at home. And if you don't have family, kids, a spouse, or etc. well, your first ministry is to yourself and your home.

Please find joy in life! Find a balance between life, work, church, and home. There’s a time for everything. There’s even a time for you to enjoy this beautiful world God has created.

Real quick let’s look at the tight rope walker; what if that tight rope walker didn't keep his or her balance? He or she would fall, right? He or she would probably hurt him or herself, or die. Wow! What if you don't take a break and you push yourself to the breaking point? There’s no telling what would happen to you. Also, the tight rope walker takes one step at a time to get from point A to point B. Take your time! Life is too short to try to rush things that could kill you. Please have balance in all that you do.

So as you go through this week, remember to have balance in your life… We need you here.

Love You,

Pastor Shawn