Pastor, Counselor, Mentor, Business Owner, Singer, Administrator, Writer, Producer, and above all Overcomer.  

Shawn A. Ward was born on September 12th in St. Louis, Missouri. Shawn was raised in a loving single parent home (Janice Ward) in which everything did not come easy and things did not always go as planned. He lived a life that presented many obstacles that caused him to doubt himself and GOD. He consistently saw his mom working two to three jobs a day sacrificing time with him in return for a better life. This prompted him to take matters into his own hands and he was blinded by the worldly lifestyle that appeared to be perfect in his eyes thus, making decisions that were not in God's plan for his life. The streets provided him with easy money and quick cash which caused great stress amongst the people that loved him. He was headed down a road that would have only lead to destruction and death. At the time, Shawn tried to appease both Man and God struggling with the spiritual man inside of him, and fighting against the lustfulness of the flesh desiring the things around him. He soon realized that he could not serve two masters and the Lord began to deal with his mind and heart which caused him to repent and turn back to God wholeheartedly. Shawn finally accepted the call and purpose for his life and he began to forge his own identity through the blueprint God created just for him. 

Out of a longing in Shawn's heart for teens and young adults, Rescued Nation was birthed. On December 3, 2010 Shawn introduced Rescued Nation as an outreach ministry geared towards offering an alternative to the daily choices that the youth face each day. Shawn’s goal to rescue a generation and help release the bondage that traps the minds of our young people without judgment and resentment paved a way for Rescued Church. A safe haven for those that have been wounded, abused, and rejected held the first service on May 31, 2013. Pastor Shawn provides an atmosphere for people to be rescued and set free from past hurts by experiencing God in a non-traditional manner through preaching and teaching of God’s word. Rescued Church strives to blow people’s misconceptions about church out of the water. The place where we are not just another church, we are a movement is a brilliant way to show God’s unconditional love in a practical way.  Pastor Shawn holds an undergraduate degree in Theology, Master’s degree in Biblical Studies, and is a PhD candidate in Biblical Studies. Pastor Shawn was ordained under American Mission Teams Evangelistic Organization, Higher Ground International Ministries, Inc. and is the youth Director over HGIM Youth Network. Pastor Shawn exemplifies leadership and achievement in every field of human endeavor. He is a supportive and loving father that is very active in every aspect of his daughter’s life. He is a man that has no limits, no boundaries, and is capable of doing greater things. With each life lesson, he has gained knowledge and understanding of various cultures, social experiences, and life’s hardships. Pastor Shawn is an outstanding leader.