Church - There’s strength in numbers.  You will have an extended family away from your immediate family.  Why not come to a place where you are free to be yourself? Why not have a place where you can experience God with like-minded people who also desire to build a relationship with Christ?  Come and explore what it’s like to have a place to worship, praise, pray, and learn more from the bible with fellow believers.

Understanding - It’s for you to stop settling for second place, but instead, step into the winner’s circle.  You will discover your purpose and God’s will for your life, along with your God given strengths, gifts talents and passions.

Example - Once you understand who you are and your purpose, you will be better equipped to understand why you are different and set apart from others.  You will be able to live your life according to the biblical keys that have been provided to us.  Further, you will know what it means to be an example, a leader, and a key member to your community, church and family.  We have all heard the cliché that “we must lead by example”, well now it is your time to actually learn how to be a great example.

D - 3D (Discipling, Discipline, and Discovery) - Having 3D vision changes the view and the way you look at things.  You will discover the value of being a discipline disciple with biblical principles.  It is important to know the power behind having 3D vision and how this will thrust you into your destiny.  You will be able to apply these things to your everyday life.

Life Saver Classes every Wednesday

The Rescued Church

4152 Washington Blvd - St. Louis, MO 63108

What is Your Next Step?

Rehabilitation – Rehabilitation means bringing you back to the condition and place where God intended for you to be.  Our goal is to restore you back to life and provide you with the ability to build a strong relationship with God.

Examination - The process of examination involves learning how to get to the place in God where you belong.  You will begin to examine who you are and whose you are.  You will discover your purpose in life, and begin to value the greatness in yourself.  This will ultimately equip you to pull the greatness out of others; Thereby allowing you and others to walk in the freedom of Christ. 

Salvation - You will experience what it means to walk in freedom and to be freed from things that have caused you to feel weighted down and unworthy.  Even though we all have made some mistakes there still was a ransom paid for our lives.  You are forgiven for everything; Even if you feel that it is unforgivable.


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